In the USA the plane crashed on the beach with the tourists


The pilot had to swim to the beach.

The pilot made an emergency landing due to engine, which started to act up in flight.

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The incident aircraft was in the resort town of ocean city, Maryland. It is on the heads of holidaymakers on the beach people, the plane fell.

23-year-old pilot decided to urgently sit down after engine problems in flight.

The plane crashed into the sea, and the pilot had to swim to shore. It is reported that he escaped with only a fright.

As previously reported, on Tuesday, July 16, in Chechnya (Russian Federation) the plane crashed in a residential home. The accident occurred in the village Novoshukinskaya shelkovskogo area around 8:00. The plane destroyed half of the building, but the ship itself suffered slightly.

In addition, the aircraft snagged a power line in the fall. Without light there are several villages and village: Novo schedrinskaya, free and scarlet-Node.

As a result of the incident injured two women with a child living in this house. According to emergency services, no fatalities. According to preliminary data, the cause of PE was the violation of safety regulations.


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