In the US, the scientists weighed the sound


В США ученые взвесили звук Sound waves have a negative mass, as stated by the American physicists. This study has already been called sensational in the scientific community.

U.S. scientists have proven that sound can have a lot. Physics weighed sound waves and determined that they have negative mass. In addition, according to recent studies scientists have learned that sound can carry your weight. The opening is unique and shocking because until now it was thought that sound waves are weightless.

However, U.S. scientists proved the opposite. Physicists explain that the sound waves are tiny particles-the phonons that move slowly in space, not reaching the ground.

U.S. scientists said that these processes were previously recorded in liquids and gases. Previously, scientists from the US have invented a device that completely absorbs sound. Sound-proof ring is able to destroy up to 94% of incoming sound waves.


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