In the US, the border guards seized an unusual cargo


В США пограничники изъяли необычный грузThe man was heading from Miami to Barbados.

At the airport of Florida in the USA guards during the search of Luggage seized from a passenger a live Python. The snake was discovered in an external hard drive.

The man was heading from Miami to Barbados, however, he has failed the screening and leave the airport, reports The Washington Post. Officer transportation security Administration U.S. during the inspection of the Luggage found a suspicious organic object and called the bomb. Specialist opened the device and found the snake.

The airport urgently arrived employees of service of protection of fish resources and wild animals of the United States, which withdrew Python. Experts said that it wasn’t an attempt of terrorism, however, can be regarded as a “threat to wildlife”. Animal could crawl out of the hard drive during flight, to provoke panic and even cause accidents. A man carrying a Python, was fined and could not fly to Barbados. His identity was not disclosed.

Previously 7 employees, and Tbilisi international airport was hospitalized after the Russians poured into the box office hazardous liquid. The man was detained by the state security service of Georgia.


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