In the US in an abandoned hut found 11 malnourished children


В США в заброшенном бараке обнаружили 11 истощенных детейPolice in new Mexico found 11 malnourished children who were held in an abandoned barracks.

The local Sheriff said that the children were dressed in rags, was barefoot and looked like “refugees of World war III”.

The site also found five adults, among them were two heavily armed men.

In the barracks, the police came with a search warrant after got the message: “We starved. We need food and water”.

Law enforcement officers said that children were kept in small underground trailer that was covered with plastic, and there was no water and electricity.

As a group, children and adults got there is still unknown.

Sheriff of Taos Jerry Hogrefe told ABC News that the children were hungry, dirty, and thirsty.

“I work for the police for 30 years. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s hard to believe,” said he.

“They were skinny, with ribs sticking out, very dirty and frightened”.

On a place there was fresh water and the only food was a few potatoes and a bag of rice, explained in police.

On the spot arrested two armed men by the name Siray Wahhaj (Siraj Wahhaj) and Lucas Morten.

Three women who were on the spot, was also detained but subsequently released.

Mr. Hogrefe told ABC, it looked as if the men who controlled the barracks, “brainwashed women and children, and very much intimidated”.

Local social services took custody of 11 children.

Waghodia (Mr. Wahhaj) is also a suspect in the kidnapping of his three sons, but the boy was not among the group of children found, us media reported.


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