In the Urals punish the teacher who has selected a letter from a schoolgirl, which is not passed 300 rubles


На Урале наказали учительницу, отобравшую грамоту у школьницы, которая не сдала 300 рублей

Our homeroom teacher Faith klevakina of the secondary school № 2 in the village of Glinsk Rezhevskogo GORODSKOGO OKRUGA reprimanded. The teacher was famous all over the country that when greeting the students with a New year it took student a Christmas gift and the letter — allegedly due to the fact that her parents don’t gave money to the needs of the class.

“The prosecutors interviewed the class teacher of the fourth class, which explained that, in preparing the letters she mistakenly wrote in her “For excellent study” that was not true. So she took the girl’s letter and immediately prepared a new — “For good behaviour, attention and focus to the lessons.” The child’s mother explained that another letter her daughter really presented, only after celebrating the New year,” — told “URA.RU” Marina Kanatova, senior assistant to the Prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk region. After a test in school the teacher reprimanded the Department of education of administration of Rezhevskoy urban district confirmed that the class teacher has behaved inappropriately.

Earlier “URA.RU” talked about the scandal that occurred in the school in the village of Glinsk. After the end of the quarter the teacher was giving children gifts and certificates, but due to the fact that the girl’s parents did not handed over the money, decided to embarrass the girl in front of her classmates. “Giving all students the magnets of charms, she said, “And Ola… no gift, as she failed on the needs of the class of 300 rubles,” — said Anastasia, mother of the schoolgirl. — And then distributed all certificates, including my OLE. And then said, “I printed you a letter and you didn’t turn on needs of the class, why should I give it by money deposited other children? Give me back the letter!”.

The Prosecutor’s office audit found that the parent Committee do annually collected 300 rubles from the parents of each student. The money acquired stationery, certificates, prizes, for the goods purchased by the representatives of the parent Committee reported at meetings in front of other parents. The girl’s mother, which the teacher took the letter, the money for the needs of the class in academic year 2017/2018 not passed.

Parents also said that school staff offered them to buy your own workbooks or to make a decision about teaching children only books. In the Prosecutor’s office saw violation of the principle of free education, because the workbooks are to tutorials. Head of education administration Rezhevskogo GORODSKOGO OKRUGA ordered to eliminate violations, the Director of the school № 23 is brought to a disciplinary responsibility in the form of comments.


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