In the United States will become harder to obtain a residence permit


Now for the issuance of a green card will take into account the level of income.

To qualify for temporary or permanent residence permit in the USA will only immigrants with high income. Rely on state aid will be rejected from the us authorities, reports the with reference to

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump has published the corresponding decree.

When deciding on granting the right to stay in the US, the authorities now to figure out how likely it is that a person can become a “burden to society”.

The innovation was suggested by the assistant to the President on combating immigration by Steven Miller.

It will enter into force on 15 October.

Under him will fall immigrants receiving social benefits for more than 12 months over the last three years. We are talking about all kinds of government support – social security, food stamps or free health insurance through Medicaid.

According to the Agency, this may make it difficult to obtain legal status in the United States hundreds of thousands of people.

In addition, on the basis of this order has already received permission to stay in the US may be revised. This may relate to 382 thousand immigrants.

Trump administration estimates that this innovation will be annual savings of 2.47 billion dollars in spending on the public good.

Meanwhile, opponents of the initiative believe that this innovation to hit blagostanja and health of immigrants they will be afraid to seek help from the state for fear of losing the right to reside in the United States.


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