In the United States, three people were victims of the floods


В США три человека стали жертвами наводненийIn Nebraska, the largest flood.

Three people were killed in the aftermath of the major floods in Nebraska, USA.

According to him, the man died, drowned in a car that suddenly took away the flow of water in a deep ditch. Another person was killed when the bridge collapsed while trying to assist the owners of the impounded vehicles. 80-year-old woman was found dead in his home in the suburbs of Columbus (Nebraska), the circumstances of his death are not specified.

According to the publication, saved more than a hundred people, more than 870 evacuated and placed in temporary accommodation.

The cause of one of the largest in the history of the U.S. Midwest flooding was the imposition last week of factors such as rapid warming, melting snow and heavy sediments. A natural disaster has affected the States of Wisconsin, Kansas and Iowa, but has caused massive damage to Nebraska, where the state of emergency introduced in 74 cities and 65 districts. 16 rivers overflowed, podtopil roads, destroying sections of roads and bridges.


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