In the United States require to exhume the body of Michael Jackson


В США требуют эксгумировать тело Майкла ДжексонаAlleged victims of harassment declared itself.

Eleven people who allegedly are victims of sexual harassment and abuse of Michael Jackson, made a demand for the exhumation of the remains of the king of pop. This writes The Sun.

These statements and calls began to sound in the face of new accusations in the address of the artist.

On the website Radar Online says that the body of Jackson “can be exhumed from his tomb to prove that he was a serial molester” after other alleged victims of sexual harassment were made by openly claiming that they were abused by the star.

However, the team of the late Michael Jackson has rejected the claim and said that the body of the artist to exhume won’t allow it. Representatives of the star also said that these attacks are false and fictional.


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