In the United States presented a new supercomputer


В США представлен новый суперкомпьютер Summit is a server architecture based on IBM.

The Federal Department of energy of the USA together with experts from oak ridge National Laboratory today announced a joint development, namely the new high-speed supercomputer, which broke the previous record for simultaneous calculation of the supercomputer Titan.

A new supercomputer called Summit is a server architecture based on IBM AC922, with a total capacity of 200 petaflops, which equals about 200 thousands of calculations per second. Thus, the new supercomputer is eight times more powerful than the previous holder of the record set in 2012 by the architecture of the ORNL – and the project continues to improve!

Many may ask – why do we need supercomputers in science? The fact that to a large extent science based on theoretical and hypothetical mathematical miscalculations of possible solutions and options in all areas, ranging from quantum mathematics and ending with biochemistry. That is why supercomputers are used for these theoretical simulations that really help move the science forward.

As for the new Summit supercomputer, it consists of 4,608 servers, each of which operates 22 nuclear IBM Power9 processor, and graphics accelerators NVIDIA Tesla V100, connected in a single network through module Mellanox EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand. It should be noted that this architecture allows a new supercomputer to perform a variety of tasks much faster than the previous fastest supercomputer, while doing parallel computing.

Besides, the Federal Agency of energy of the United States notes that, if necessary, the project will be further expanded in the near future, as the plans for oak ridge is the intention in the future to change the format of the supercomputer. It is not excluded that scientists are reconsidering the traditional model of application of quantum physics to improve computing however, we can hardly expect news about it soon.


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