In the United States have created a prosthesis that transmits cutaneous sensation


В США создали протез, передающий кожные ощущения A unique design is able to convey the pain.

Using electronic sensors, which imitate nerve endings in the body, the skin can transmit the sense of touch, and even painful feelings.

Innovative skin was made from a combination of fabric and rubber, which includes electronic sensors. Technology that is used at the same time, received the name transcona electrical stimulation of the nerve.

This is a very complex process that scientists have been able to achieve it by artificial means fantastic. The electronic skin has already been successfully tested.

“For the first time a prosthesis can provide a range of perception from a simple touch to pain. Innovative prosthesis performs almost all the functions that a real human hand,” – said the study’s lead author, Nitish Tekor in a press release.

The desire to restore the sensation of pain may seem paradoxical, but the pain is vital to people in order to warn him about the danger of a more serious or even fatal injuries.


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