In the United States have begun checking the Boeing 737 MAX


В США начали проверку Boeing 737 MAXExperts looking for errors certification.

The US administration conducts checks to identify errors during the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX, which in recent months has twice broken in the accident. Verification for the Federal aviation administration FAA was started after the first crash of this model in Indonesia in October.

According to the publication, the U.S. Department of transportation is interested in, has not violated any applicable FAA standards for certification of a new control system MCAS installed on the 737 Max. The authorities do not exclude that this system could be the cause of the crash of the aircraft of this type in Indonesia, which killed 189 people.

A week ago in Ethiopia, another crashed the Boeing 737 Max, which killed 157 people. Boeing as a precaution recommended to temporarily abandon the use of aircraft 737 Max. From the operation of aircraft of this type already refused many countries, including USA, EU, Russia and Ukraine.


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