In the United States have arrested a man preparing for a terrorist attack


В США арестовали мужчину за подготовку терактаGender Rosenfeld manufactured and tested a few copies of improvised explosive devices.

56-year-old resident of the town, Tappen that under new York Gender Rosenfeld was arrested for alleged preparation of a terrorist attack in Washington on election day.

According to BBC, a resident of Pennsylvania received from the defendant a letter and a message informing that is going to include an improvised explosive device in Washington on the day of the parliamentary elections on 6 November.

The unnamed recipient has transferred these materials to the FBI and after some time at his home was discovered and inspected Rosenfeld. During interrogation it was revealed that he was actually fabricated and tested, multiple copies of the improvised explosive devices, the largest of which was stored in his basement.

The man explained his action by the fact that the selection in the higher echelons of power should take place by the “toss,” around which is built a separate theory.


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