In the United States has created a unique satchel


В США создали уникальный ранецThis would afford each.

The world has a rocket pack, accelerating with a speed of 320 km/h. the Developers are the representatives of the American company JetPack Aviation.

New lightning pack presented on the forum CES 2018, name JB-11.

The device differs from the previous “relatives” six turbojet engines instead of two. This helps to accelerate the knapsack two times faster than previous similar models. The maximum height, which is capable of lifting a jet pack 4.5 kilometers. Previous devices also could not boast of such indicators. One serving of fuel enables the device to be in flight for about 12 minutes. The largest available distance is just over 30 kilometres.

Perhaps already this year the firm will demonstrate the video test pack. At this time such projects are constructed in isolated instances and do not go into large-scale production.


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