In the United States found a collection of classic and vintage cars


В США обнаружили кoллeкцию клaссичeских ретро-автомобилей Cars collection, classic Ford Bronco found in the United States. Vehicle discovered in Alaska.

In the new episode Hunter Barn Find insurance company Hagerty told o Alaska by Adam Mcnabb. In his possession were several classic cars Ford Bronco.

The oldest sample – SUV 1966. The show’s host Tom cotter noted that Bronco with its permeability is very popular among the local population. They can easily overcome any obstacles.

In the garage Mcnabb and a “Bronco” blue 1972. Its mileage is 110 000 miles (177 thousand km). Cars 1966 with bridges Dana 44 was used by the American, even in the desert.

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Present in the garage and a few broken Toyota FJ.


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