In the United States for six months the couple won million in the lottery


В США супруги за полгода выиграли миллион в лотерееThe first winning couple have already spent.

A retired couple from the USA for half a year twice won a million dollars. Spouses often buy lottery tickets, but to snatch the second jackpot is no hope.

A lottery ticket purchased for $ 5 at a local store, brought the Northern town of Randolph Robert Goodwin jackpot for a million dollars. The lottery organizers offered to pay it for 20 years. Or – to give a smaller amount immediately. Robert chose the second option and took 650000 dollars.

This is the second win in the last six months in the family of Goodwin. In August last year, Robert together with his wife Jane broke her first jackpot. Also a million dollars. Just took a little more than half the money, but immediately. And already spent it.

We made some presents, and paid bills – said Jane Goodwin.

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Thanks to the winning couple wants to achieve his dream – to move to the southern US and buy there own house.


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