In the United States fired the waitress and the bartender, “created” rostv provocative news


В США уволили официантку и бармена, "создавших" для росТВ провокационную новостьThe staff helped Russian journalists create false news.B

Armen’s restaurant Lucy’s Cantina Royale in new York, Daria, Paulo fired after it on behalf of the institution organized a rally in honor of the birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin and invited a film crew of Russia Today.

Together with Auto fired waitress Tamara Ilizarov, who starred in the RT report. According to Paulo, the restaurant Manager fired her on October 10, saying: “I don’t want to, but I must.” The restaurant confirmed the dismissal of employees.

“Said the restaurant does not appear. The opportunity to work there then I do not consider the principle,” said Pauta. According to the girl, she worked at Lucy’s Cantina Royale 2.5 years, and resignation learned of the news.

“Tamara, the waitress, she just starred in the story. The campaign did I,” she said.

The story circulated-owned propaganda TV channel Russia Today Ruptly Agency on 7 October. In it the employee of the restaurant named Tamara argued that in honor of the birth in 1952, Putin offers “putinburg” 1952 weighing grams. The representative of the institution Sean Ryan said that the restaurant “never in any form does not celebrate the birthday of Vladimir Putin,” and said that the institution will hold a hearing in connection with this story.

In conversation with the “Rain” Pauta said that invented the “putinburg” as an advertising campaign, and confirmed it with the restaurant Manager Tim Ryan (the media mistakenly called him Ted and Brian).

Ryan claims that the employee lied about asking to remove the “for College”, and the Manager had no idea what she was going to do.

In turn, Paulo stated that it believed that the plot be useful to her for school. About plans to organize a rally she spoke on the eve of Putin’s birthday, October 6th.

“I called back and left information. Then they suddenly called me back, they arrived. Then called Russia Today. Perhaps they said about me in TASS, I don’t know,” said the girl.

Auto added that she had no photographs confirming the inclusion of the “putinburg” in the menu and in social networks and on the restaurant’s website about the campaign does not say anything, because they are updated regularly.

“We regularly hold rallies in support of the Rangers hockey team, basketball Nicks. All the holidays, Halloween, New year dress up. Then arrange competitions for the best costume. To come up with stock – normal practice,” she said.

To the question, did someone “putinburg,” the laid-off employee said that the chef only made two “promotional” Burger, one of which was used in the video. She had no information, did like the burgers on.


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