In the United States fell again summer snow


The climate of the planet continues to change rapidly.

Europeans know firsthand how hot was this summer: the temperature in many areas is kept at around +35°C, and it is in the shade. People are saved as they can, but this is only the beginning of a hot summer season, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Meanwhile, residents of the us Colorado is in shock: in the state on June 19-20, the snow fell. Also weather affected Montana and British Columbia. The area, of course, is not in a hot climate zone like Mexico, for example, but such precipitation is in the middle of summer – a real anomaly. Snow from time to time at the highlands and the lowlands. Americans every morning run to the Windows to understand whether you will have another workday to clean up plots of land from snow or not.

Climate anomalies began to occur regularly. Environmental changes are obvious to everyone, that’s just what they are connected? As stated in the prophecies of Rasputin, the Apocalypse will be everywhere snow in the summer.


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