In the United States exposed the biggest fraud bribery for admission to Universities


В США разоблачили крупнейшую аферу подкупа для поступления в ВУЗыIn the center of the scandal star is “Desperate Housewives”.

The FBI arrested the actress felicity Huffman, known for her role as Lynette Scavo in TV series Desperate Housewives. Also in the center of the scandal was actress Lauryn Locklin and 49 persons, not related to show business.

The incident is connected with bribery in various prestigious American colleges that the rich parents wanted to give guaranteed admission for their children. It is the largest Scam in U.S. history related to the bribery of the leadership of educational institutions.

Huffman “donated” to one of the colleges 15 thousand dollars to her daughter was able to do. How much was given for the arrival of Lauryn Locklin – unknown.

According to one of the lawyers, were the special lists of parents that are similar to the “catalogue of wealth and privilege”. It was figuritively CEO, fashion designer and co-chair of the global law firm.

As told to FBI agent Joseph Bonavolonta CNN, receipt of child cost to parents in the amount of 200 thousand to 6.5 million dollars. Contributions received by the organization Key Worldwide Foundation, which allegedly was preparing students. Huffman was arrested and she posted bail in 250 thousand dollars.


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