In the United States created the world’s most powerful supercomputer, Summit


В США создали самый мощный в мире суперкомпьютер Summit‍The productivity Summit is up to 200 petaflops.

According to the publication, the performance of Summit up to 200 petaflops, which equals 200 million billion floating point operations per second.

“For comparison, everyone on Earth needs to perform the operation every second for 305 days to cope with what the new machine can do in one moment,” the article reads.

The productivity Summit is more than twice the capacity of the Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight (93 petaflops), which previously was considered the most powerful computer in the world.

It is reported that scientists intend to use the Summit to search for possible links between genes and cancer, as well as patterns in the occurrence of dependency on narcotic substances. Also, the supercomputer can be used for climate modeling that can have a positive impact on the accuracy of weather forecasts.


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