The most powerful supercomputer in the world has been made


The device is 10 times more powerful than its predecessor.

In the United States created the world’s most powerful supercomputer, El Capitan.

El Capitan has created Hewlett Packard and AMD by order of the U.S. Department of energy. Its computing power equal to 200 of the top supercomputers combined.

It is assumed that a full-fledged operation of the new supercomputer will begin in 2023. It will solve problems related to nuclear weapons, climate, analysis of gene mutations, the search for drugs.

The new AMD processors with Zen architecture 4. In sale they will arrive only in 2021. Also in the technology used new compute accelerators Radeon Instinct.

El Capitan is able to perform up to 2 000 000 000 000 000 000 (one million trillion) calculations per second.

A new supercomputer was 10 times more productive than the existing top-end supercomputer. In addition, the machine 30 percent faster than was predicted during its development.


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