In the United States captured the movement of the Bigfoot


В США засняли передвижение снежного человека The authenticity of the video may be questionable.

The Network is gaining popularity video received in the current month somewhere in the Northern United States. A young couple was at home and suddenly saw in the window of the strange anthropomorphic silhouette.

The guy with the girl decided to go out to see who it is walking, it is not a Bigfoot?

Apparently, our heroes live right near nature, because the video shows a snow-covered field and forest nearby. Once outside, the Americans soon saw large footprints in the snow.

Moving on, in love at some point noticed the front is covered with a dark haired humanoid creature, crossing on its hind legs in snow-covered area. Of course, the couple immediately assumed it is about sasquache. Our heroes approached the alleged Bigfoot on safe, in their opinion, the distance to get to capture it on camera phones. Then a mysterious creature suddenly turned and went to the people.

After that, the hapless operators, sure thing, ran away with loud cries, as would probably many of us. They say, still frightened by the encounter with a possible Bigfoot, but glad that they were able to record with the image of this mysterious monster.

It is noteworthy that in this area quite often, you see these APE-like creatures, and for this reason often attracts hunters of Bigfoot from all over America who want to see, take video, or even shoot the legendary relic hominid.

Not all the regulars of the world wide web believe that in front of us footage of a real Bigfoot. Skeptics argue, if we are talking about a hoax. First, it supposedly indicates low quality of the recording (in our days, when smartphones have excellent cameras, the Americans have not found a decent mobile phone). And secondly, the witnesses do not behave too realistically, that is reminiscent of bad acting.

However, many commentators felt that it was still a snow man. And to remove it efficiently, like, really hard, especially in this situation when the couple initially assumed it’s a Sasquatch, but because it was the anxiety, and why it was acting so unnatural…


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