In the United States are stunned by the wealth of Ukraine


В США ошалели от богатства Украины

In the state Department need to check the legality of incomes of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada

The level of welfare of the Ukrainian officials and deputies, revealed after the publication of their electronic declarations, shocked not only ordinary citizens, “independence”, but some partners in the West. In particular, the U.S. state Department on this account has a lot of questions, according to

In General, Washington was satisfied, as the Ukrainian leadership came to the process of electronic Declaration of assets and income of members of the government and parliamentary deputies. Praised for the activity. As it turned out that the number of submitted declarations has far exceeded the expectations of the IMF. But at the same time given to understand that this transparency “raises other questions.” And above all, who are the officials and parliamentarians use their office for gain?

In the state Department consider it necessary to identify these persons and to bring to justice.

However, according to the wealth trapped in the hands of lords of Parliament and Cabinet, will have to attract almost ninety percent of them. They have declared a total of almost 30 billion UAH. But it is only cash. And still in the ownership of the servants of the Ukrainian people there is expensive real estate, land, Antiques, unique works of art, furs, jewelry, exclusive collection of alcohol and even personal temples.

From all of this? What is acquired by back-breaking? About this electronic Declaration is silent… And the officials to disclose the sources are not in a hurry. And not require one from them.

Now the state Department is encouraged to investigate and bring those who “confuses your wool with state”. It is clear that the word master — the law. But will the landing? Because then first have to take out Petro Poroshenko, who successfully uses his presidential administrative resources for the benefit of their own business.

However, the political expert, former Deputy of the Odessa city Council Igor Dimitriev considers that hardly it is possible:

They play the odd game of these Western partners of Ukraine. And explain why it was necessary to push these declarations difficult. Since the electronic Declaration system does not prevent corrupt officials “cut” the budget and taking bribes. So I have on this account there is only one possible answer: e-the Declaration is a way to control the political elite of Ukraine. In General, as the elites of other new colonial post-Soviet countries. For example, Moldova. When they, on the one hand, rely on local oligarchy in order to establish control over the country. Then “merge” their new partners by allegations of corruption. So it was with Plahotniuc, Filat in Moldova. It happens and has happened in many other countries. In Egypt in 2011, when President Hosni Mubarak — a U.S. ally, lost the position under pressure from the street and inspired by the West protests.

It is such already worked out a technique for getting rid of excess elements. That is, on the one hand, is a tool of pressure and control. The other way of “extra mouths” from the run off.

“SP”: — Explain.

— The fact that the greedy post-Soviet elite, which can take away the budget of any middle of the state for a couple of years, they don’t need. Businessmen, oligarchs and speculators they replace today direct their proteges human rights defenders, journalists and social activists. They are much smaller and ready to tear their own country, for example, for an apartment in the center of Kiev.

“SP”: — You mean the unexpected improvement of living conditions of people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko?

— Of course. Understand Leshchenko in this sense is much more effective. And cheaper. Kolomoisky contain them is quite difficult — a refinancing of its “PrivatBank” can cost billions of dollars. And Leshchenko will be just a few hundred thousand. And he will perform approximately the same work performed by Kolomoisky.


Maybe to him it will need the support of state institutions, he will not be able to pay solely volunteer battalions, as did Kolomoisky. But overall at this stage and there is no such need.

“SP”: — So, will be put only to those who, so to speak, is not there, where the show “partners”?

— Of course. Anyone will not be interested, just change the slogans of the fight against corruption. Or give “to feed” wild street.

“SP”: — What, and Poroshenko could face such a fate?

— Poroshenko will always be under a “sword of Damocles” of the fight against corruption their partners. This makes it more flexible and manageable. But I think they have enough leverage against Poroshenko and without electronic declarations. It was kind of “value” is different. The Finance was always enough.

But as for characters who enriched themselves over the past couple of years, the big issue here… Really in a poor country with a broken budget to the Verkhovna Rada a profit brings a direct vote? Then how could they improve their well-being during this time? I have certain doubts on this score.

But it is not clear why they are in their declarations pointed out the “tons of cache”. For what purpose? To explain the Ukrainian traditions and some logical calculations that they have made the audience a huge amount, for example, I can’t.

“SP”: — the Total amount declared there, really impressive — almost 30 billion UAH. Someone even joked that the IMF it’s time to occupy Ukraine, and not Vice versa.

— Then there’s, you know, kind of thing… Okay — MPs. The vast majority of these people are mentally unstable. But when we see what amount of dollars kept “under the mattress” Gontareva (head of the NBU — ed.) or Prime Minister Groysman — persons who should be responsible for the stability of the national currency and banking system, to present it’s very difficult. They themselves, it turns out, do not trust the national banking system and local currency. And openly declare it.

“SP”: — what can they do? Electronic Declaration is a requirement of the EU.

— I will not reveal any secret if I say that before our members and the whole audience kept the money in the basement. Specially for this purpose bought a country house and in the basement there equipped with safes. Because these people have always trusted cash “cash” is much more than foreign accounts, which may at any time to block.

And even the joke went among the PR people and spin doctors that are calculated moldy bills. That is, bills that were stored somewhere in the basement.

More surprising that they all of a sudden “light up” these amounts. To explain this honesty, it is difficult for me. Maybe they have some kind of order went to the legalization of funds. But, as they say in Odessa, “we will see”.

Because this is quite an unexpected move that called into question the whole point of the existence of the Ukrainian state.

“SP”: — What do you mean?

— The Ukrainian state was established and existed only for the sake of the theft — the budget or any of the national wealth. But talking about it was not accepted. I mean, were talking about the national road, “square”. But to speak openly about the fact that it exists in order to steal something — it was incorrect.

And now it began to speak in the open. It is no longer a taboo topic. It is now clear that the Ukrainian patriotism and theft are almost synonymous.

President of the Foundation “Legal state”, doctor of legal Sciences Eugene Tarle believes the requirements of the state Department it is “reasonable and justified”:

— I am very glad that the Americans demanded that the leadership of Ukraine to investigate all cases of illegal enrichment of civil servants. The corrupt in power — people are unpredictable and it is always possible to wait for any “somersaults” in politics. Work fine with him.

We are also against corruption in the Ukrainian elite. Supported in this case, the wishes of the us state Department.

And why we can’t be the same point of view on certain issues? Can. Moreover, we can help.

The fact that the Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs have many years of solid ties with Russia. And our intelligence agencies probably have a lot of information on the financial interests of the Ukrainian elite. I think this material should be made public. The Ukrainian people should know what is really happening there.



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