In the United States approved the creation of a deadly virus


В США одобрили создание смертоносных вирусовThe United States lifted a moratorium on the funding of the development of deadly viruses.

According to the head of the National institutes of health (NIH) and former head of the project “human Genome” by Francis Collins, the study of viruses of influenza, middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) will allow you to develop effective ways to counter these infections.

Some experts believe that the resumption of financing creates the risk that unknown pathogenic infectious agents will go beyond the laboratories. However, the NIH has put forward a number of conditions that must run research centers to receive money. In particular, they must prove that employees have the opportunity to study pathogens in a safe environment and a plan of action in the event of an emergency.

A moratorium on funding was introduced for cases in which violations of conditions infections. So, in 2014, several dozen of scientists from the laboratories of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S. was under threat of infection with the bacteria anthrax. Was not successfully completed procedures for the inactivation of the pathogen, resulting in more organisms are trapped in a lab that was designed to work with dead pathogens.


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