In the United States among the rubbish found a rare rental Mustang from the 60s


В США среди хлама нашли редкий прокатный «Мустанг» из 60-хShelby, the Studio has released a special edition of the GT 350.

One of the readers of the site found littered with trash in the garage of an elderly woman rare Mustang – Shelby GT 350-H. By the end of 1966 fastback these can be rented from Hertz at 50 airports across America, and all of them were collected 1001 of the instance, including two prototypes.

According to the agreement between the Hertz Corporation and Shelby, the Studio has released a special edition GT 350, designed exclusively for renting. The agreement envisaged the return of the cars after the end of service life the manufacturer, where they were restored under the name of GT 350-H put up for sale. The majority of fastball was painted in shades of black Raven Black with gold racing stripes.

All Shelby GT 350-H was powered by a 4.7-liter naturally-aspirated V8, also known as Cobra hi-riser. From stock engines have the intake manifold with a high rise exhaust manifold and dedication – instead of 275 “eight” gave out 310 horsepower. The first 85 cars were equipped with four-speed “mechanics”, but due to the fact that customers are Hertz often burned the clutch the rest of the party machines had the automatic transmission.

Known cases when Shelby GT 350-H participated in the American racing series of Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and often returned to Hertz with evidence of installation of the safety cage. After overhaul at the factory Ford fastback was put up for sale, but such cars were not Shelby parts that were “lost” somewhere in the production.


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