In the UK, the smartphone helped to give birth to a 28-year-old girl


В Великобритании смартфон помог родить 28-летней девушкеBecause of the power cuts the girl had to improvise.

Claire Jones, 28, gave birth to a child, because of the light from the iPhone, after the hospital there was a power failure and the lights went out.

The staff asked the mother for help, asking her to use her smart phone to, they could graduate to help to be born her daughter bell.

The hospital apologized to the family for the violation caused by the power outage, which occurred during repair work.

Press Secretary of the Mid Yorkshire hospitals NHS Trust said: “We would like to apologise to patients for any trouble caused by this failure. We conducted tests of the electrical systems in the hospital pinderfields General. The supply of electricity to the house mothers were disrupted for about six minutes, and during this period there were emergency lights activated. Once this was identified, we worked to restore electricity and canceled any further repairs until until after a full investigation. We are now reviewing our mechanisms for future testing.

As writes the edition, when the light appeared, the woman was able to sing the cradle of the little bell the first time.


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