In the UK, found eggs with toxins


В Великобритании обнаружили яйца с токсинамиThe number of eggs reaches hundreds of thousands.

More than 700 thousand infected fipronil (insecticide, potentially dangerous for health) chicken eggs were supplied to Britain from the Netherlands, according to new data, the British Agency on standardization of food products.

Previously, the rating was below 33 times – a total of 21 thousand eggs, said the Financial Times. According to the Agency, in the UK infected mainly semi-finished products and processed products, where eggs are only one of many ingredients.

Most of such products (e.g. sandwiches) have a short shelf life and has already been sold and eaten, but some of them still remain on the shelves. The UK authorities together with retailers organized a withdrawal of such products from sale.

Poultry farms in the UK provide the domestic demand for eggs by 85%, and infection fipronil not revealed. However, Britain imports annually almost 2 billion eggs, the the Agency.

The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of chicken eggs in the world. In total, the European Union has sold several million potentially dangerous eggs.

Recall millions of eggs recalled from stores and warehouses in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium after they were discovered by toxic insecticides.

Fipronil, which is found in eggs, is used to destroy fleas, lice, ticks and cockroaches. The world health organization classify it as a moderately toxic substances, although it is a large doses.

For children the risk is somewhat higher, may damage internal organs, including kidney, liver and thyroid gland.

Pesticide use on poultry farms is prohibited by EU legislation.


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