In the Telegram will be a new function, relevant for Ukrainians


В Telegram появится новая функция, актуальная для украинцев The messenger interface will appear in the Ukrainian language.

In the world famous Telegram messenger will soon be a new update that will be relevant for Ukraine. About the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov said in his Telegram channel.

So, the user interface will support several languages, including Ukrainian. In addition to our messenger will be Indonesian, Malay and Russian languages.

“Along with some amazing new features such as Live Locations and the new music player interface Telegram 4.4 supports many languages which you asked us to add, and it was the French (I’m still excited that the stickers are actually “Avtokran”), Indonesian, Malay, Russian, Ukrainian – very soon – Persian”, – wrote Durov.

He also announced other new features, in particular, the function of Live Locations which allows you to share your location in real-time. Among the new features of Telegram also: to control whether new members in the supergroup to see the entire message history and to recognize the messages from administrators group using the new icon is “admin”.

It is noted that a further upgrade to the messenger application is not necessary, it will suggest users to install a new localization.
Early to Ukrainize Telegram, you had to download an additional package. Now the language is chosen automatically depending on the localization.


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