In the Sudan, continuing anti-President protests


В Судане продолжаются антипрезидентские протестыIn Sudan, there were new clashes of protesters with the police

In Sudan, the ongoing anti-presidential protests, police again used force.

“The protesters who came to the presidential Palace in Khartoum on Thursday fought with the Sudanese police, anti-government demonstrations in the African country and spread to other cities and settlement”, – stated in the message.

The protesters, chanting “Freedom, peace, justice!” gathered in the centre of Khartoum and started their March, but the police quickly stopped them with tear gas.

Hundreds of demonstrators, aged 20 to 30 years old gathered in the streets around the presidential Palace, calling for a peaceful uprising and the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir, while police blocked the approaches to government buildings.

Recall from the beginning of mass protests in Sudan in mid-December, 24 people were killed.


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