In the Solar system awaiting the eruption of a SUPERVOLCANO


This satellite is the largest active SUPERVOLCANO.

Scientists from the planetary science Institute in Arizona, said that according to the latest data on Jupiter’s moon IO may at any time to begin a major eruption in the Solar system.

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This satellite is the largest active volcano known, and its eruption would be so powerful that it may be accompanied by a huge explosion even visible from the Ground in optical telescope.

When it comes to eruptions on Land, volcanoes usually act on their unpredictable schedules. However, this does not apply to the largest volcano of IO, where they erupt on a relatively regular basis with an error of a couple of days. Moreover, the volcano Loki with a width of 200 kilometers so powerful that during the eruption the satellite loses up to 15% of the total heat.

The last 20 years the astronomer Julie Rathbun from the Institute of planetology watched in amazement as the volcano erupts with eerie regularity. According to her latest calculations, Loki will come in mid-September, as she said at the conference EPSC-DPS 2019 in Geneva, according to the Society Europlanet. The previous prediction Rathbun about the eruption of Loki in may 2018 come true.

The pattern was discovered by a researcher in 2002, when she analyzed collected from 1988 to 2000 data, which revealed that the giant, horseshoe-shaped, has erupted approximately 540-day intervals. But then the volcano behind schedule and over 2000 years it has erupted less often and without any noticeable pattern.


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