In the sky over Hungary caught the outline of a huge planet


В небе над Венгрией засняли очертания огромной планеты The object is quite unusual.

Hungarian astrophotographer Amateur Ivan Eder, while in Budapest, filmed the month bright in the daytime sky and unexpectedly captured something strange.

One of the photos to show a different month on the background of the moon, resembling a fragment of a large celestial body, located incredibly close to the Ground. Surprised Eder has carefully studied the received frame was not able to find any rational explanation, except for the glare in the camera lens. But not everyone agrees with the Hungarian.

When the photographer posted a mysterious image on the world wide web (that means that he is in the glare of the camera lens not really believe), many netizens immediately started talking about the legendary planet Nibiru, supposedly coming finally to us. Other commentators believe that there was a kind of gap in space, and a Hungarian took a picture of all the known moon, which is due to the distortion of the space-time continuum “split” in the sky, and its enlarged image was successfully captured by a camera.

Maybe it’s just a cloud, amazing and unique, but the cloud? Although in this case Ivan Eder shot would not have the moon – namely, this anomaly, and talking about it. He, apparently, during the shooting didn’t even notice anything unusual, and only then was surprised to find that there really a defect in the camera, or a miracle. However, even the most wonderful thing that happens to us always has an explanation, not necessarily purely materialistic, but… has. In this case, we simply do not know, and guessing is a waste of breath.

Although each for itself, still adds some opinion. For me, this little “joke” of a Higher power, Matrix, Universe (whatever), “modest” is a reminder that we did not live in that world, what imagine according to school textbooks…


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