In the sky above the Netherlands filmed the mysterious object


В небе над Нидерландами засняли загадочный объект UFO filmed through a night vision device.

The following video was obtained by the resident of the Dutch city of Groenlo in July 2018, but the man did not immediately decided to share the awesome footage with users of the world wide web, for a long time, doubting whether the video of interest to someone.

According to the author of the video, he saw that night in night-vision goggles summer sky and suddenly noticed something unusual on the ground. There was a strange object, like a large cloud of rectangular shape.

The cloud is to be, apparently, could not. The Dutchman says that the weather in those days was perfectly clear. In addition, the estimated anomaly has the shape of a flat rectangle, that is absolutely not inherent in the normal clouds.

Finally, our hero remembers that the mysterious object periodically produced a low and quiet hum, which, unfortunately, failed to record on camera. Of course, the man suspects that witnessed the appearance of Grullo UFO.

Note, unidentified flying objects quite often notice in the province of Gelderland, where is this city? Ufologists believe that the aliens are interested in large deposits of molybdenum ore under Groenlo, from which extract the valuable metal-rhenium.

Many researchers of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations seriously believe that “little green men”, to put it mildly, Rob us, getting on Earth minerals and taking them to their planet. Say, such resources as we have, they can’t find anywhere else. The aforementioned rhenium is extremely valuable for the manufacture of aircraft and advanced electronics.

However, skeptics argue that all this is nonsense, and for the aircraft “alien thieves” in this case, the ufologists take the usual big cloud, albeit somewhat bizarre. But the strangely-shaped cloud that suddenly appears in the sky and makes a strange hum – it’s still more like a UFO than a natural phenomenon…


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