In the sky above the Earth it will be possible to see the comet


В небе над Землей можно будет увидеть комету Astrologer predicted the impact of the astronomical object.

Some time ago there appeared information about the approaching comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. The space object will be visible through a telescope, binoculars and even the naked eye. Astrologer from UK Born Cheng told what to expect the inhabitants of the Earth.

In antiquity in science men have determined that the comet observed directly from the earth, the promise of various disasters, such as droughts, earthquakes, war, etc. Given this, the astrologer advised not to show aggression towards others.

Cheng stated that the development of events depends on the color of the tail of a comet, which is formed at the moment of closest approach the object with our planet. So, if the tail will be grey, there will be political instability and lack of resources. In the case of the red tail will increase the number of thefts and robberies.

Scientists, of course, have little faith in these or other predictions. They note that the approaching comet practically does not affect humans and animals. From mystical to happen Starfall in October.


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