In The Russian North. Megersa lake


The last dam on the river Verhotina left behind, and in front of the access to the system Megorsky lakes, stretching from West to East to three dozen kilometers. Here originates the salmon river MEGRA — the final stage of the water journey. A system of lakes connected by canals tricky to find the entrance from the lake into the river at once.

The first flow was a dead end, in the right channel, we entered a string of kayaks strictly on the Navigator. Tip from the space exactly led us to the goal. Because the right way was found and the hour is late, you can stay for the guests. The notion of a vacation at all different: someone who will sleep until noon, but Victor early in the morning back on the lake to try your fishing happiness. Meanwhile, over the lake stood a white foggy night.

Megorsky depth in lakes up to 20 meters, the water is dark. Fish are very different: perch, roach, bream, ruff, pike, grayling, whitefish. The system of these lakes a unique population of whitefish, and inhabit lakes from two forms, very different in biology. According to scarce reports on the Internet kind of fish it really is and sometimes even catches on sporting tackle. So, winter mormyshka marked by the capture of whitefish and a half pounds and grayling on the pounds, but it was sporadic, random fish. Noted another interesting fact: in the place where there is a SIG, no other fish are not caught. We took the path of least resistance. To be deep and Parking the secret of fish you are quietly fishing a jig step for the coastal zone of the lake. Places for fishing, maybe not the best, but fish food to produce is always possible. This time our catch was omnipresent bass, not particularly large, but also not a small thing. About jig fishing is told and written a lot, so let us keep our wits before meeting with the river Megrey, which comes to a wild Atlantic salmon. In the first kilometers of rafting river showed itself overgrown with underwater vegetation and water lilies. For quite weak, the alloy is passed through wide stretches with almost stagnant water. Only a few hours of driving, we finally met the noise rolling. A riffle is a place for grayling, whitefish, trout, salmon, and for the precious salmon. All the fish in the river there and might get lucky angler.

When you log in Kapan our canoe slightly delayed active nibble small perch. Anglers have so often count for more, but satisfied with what I have. Still very hard to resist the implementation of frequent bites. It is like seeds: until., will not stop. In our case, while all perch were not caught, we have not begun alloy further. One of the talkative rifts Viktor took on a good turn pike. On the one hand, is the catch, but the river gave to understand that until the Parking lots of salmon we have not yet reached and need to quickly move on…

On the banks of the river began to appear a trace of civilization. A dilapidated hut (apparently, a hunting cabin) is a witness of past victories of man over nature. Maybe not wins, and unity, harmony with the outside world. Not because if left out, the indigenous hunters and fishermen, too many stray people began to appear here? Finally we met the boulders and small rapids, easily passable for kayaks. At the sight of the boulders the fisherman’s heart beat faster: here somewhere, probably hiding coming from the sea salmon. And really, late in the afternoon, straight ahead motion of the kayak, I saw a large salmon jump. In order to get this fish, I should have waited a couple of hours, that all calmed down, however, the alloy is a luxury.

A lot first to get your salmon fell to Victor, I was given the role of the assistant observer. Who first goes on a salmon river, that often gets the coveted fish. It was the first salmon fishing in Victor’s life. And there’s a fish on the shore, and lucky fisherman posing with his trophy. Silver salmon with a slight purple tint, came into the river this spring — what more could you ask for?! It would be nice to predict its future destiny. True fishermen the answer is the same: catch and release, and dinner will be divine perches fillet.

Well, how was the fishing the rest of the team? Salmon, of course, wanted to catch everything and, therefore, around Victor began to shrink the ring wanting to get rare trophy. Here we have been approached by kayak Dmitry, who gently asked for permission to share catchability jet. We didn’t mind, and soon Dmitry caught upolstry great river pike. Victor helped podsajite fish in the final stages of a fight, and the result of this little show was pleased with everything, including pike, released. Another pound pike began to attack the bait Victor. Lucky angler spotted it, she took a candle and went to the side — in short, long and beautifully resisted to the end by the will of man to be free. That is so funny metamorphosis in modern fishing.

A few words about megaram the grayling. First, in his angling success came to me, and then to Victor. In the evening we camped on a high Bank of the river. The next day, expected a day’s rest, that is sleep and rest during the day. But the real anglers such peace can only dream of. We made a little trip to Kapan which flows into the trout river. At low water it is more like a Creek, but is fraught with great potential. Know this, the fans of fishing in overgrown forest streams, and the few. But the inexperienced fisherman is hard to imagine that conditionally on the patch of open water a true virtuoso and lure accurately put on target, and even cast fly cord. There are fans of fishing in remote areas for which only one hit the spinner at the intended point of pleasure.

Today’s fishing is not specified. Forelka came across a medium-sized, anywhere from one hundred to three hundred grams, although in places it was quite possible to rely on fish weight grams six hundred — eight hundred. Most likely, the fish were just trout, not brown trout. And proof served as decoration on the body of the fish in the form of red spots, framed by a white border that is unusual for brown trout. But since these two forms are close to each other and easily pass each other, the presence or absence of red spots may not serve as the final basis for the identification of… Climbing up the Creek about a mile, we again returned to Kapan. In its upper reaches, there was almost no water… Now a few words about the gear that we had to go investigate. For delicate fishing in the Creek would be a good spinning easy class with the test grams to 12, and on big water, based on good salmon, you need a two-handed sword with a length under three meters. We fished the universal gear test with the top 17-20 g where the length of the rod not more than 2.6 m. This is relatively powerful and comfortable enough for most cases, the tools that a skilled angler will catch in the stream and small trout will produce large trout in the river. The last daylight on the river was successful. In the morning, had caught a dozen trout that day MEGRA pleased with large grayling and brown trout.

In the evening on the hunt for salmon came from Dmitry. This time fishing luck passed him by: the catch was small perch. But what irony and subtle humor met a fisherman suffering a stroke of fate! Came the last and final day of rafting. If salmon Victor can be considered the climax, the highest achievement of the whole campaign, the final show of the rafters was yet to come.

Usually the first from the sea threshold on the river and is called the Marine threshold. In terms of fishing is one of the best places: the whole rising from the sea fish settles here and then begins to pass through the river on. Down closer to the sea, I, Victor and joined Dmitry us on a whim stopped at one of the lower thresholds. The rest of the group went further down, leaving the indefatigable fishermen complete freedom of action. And spun, spun, the last fishing kaleidoscope wonderful pictures.

His first work trout got Dmitry. A little humor — and a fish is on the loose again. Second bite of the fish sold Victor. Less than ten seconds it took me to determine the type of trophy: back to the trout, only smaller. Set on the banks of the gender of the detainee, took pictures and released. And for me gave the biggest fish. However, not white, and pretty loseley, and granted not forever, but only for the duration of the photo shoot. Nevertheless, the result was great, although nevedusia. And we have believed the stories about desyatiballnoy megorsky the fishes.

What can you say about the journey in General? Each participant got what they wanted, and this is important. Wanted Victor to add to his trophy grayling, trout and salmon — and his desire was fulfilled. Labour, of course, the hero himself has made many, but no easy victory and promised. My target was salmon, and his goal I reached. And that fish wasn’t in the best condition, so salmon fishing is generally a lottery. In addition, our campaign was originally meant not fishing the alloy, when you set a goal to produce fish and the alloy with fishing, when the main task is the passage of the route within the established deadlines.

The rest of the team received a charge of vivacity and seen new places and go fishing, and not straining in pleasure. The alloy according to Megre ended on the shore of the White sea, near the small village of the same name. A few hours left to dry kayaks, packing backpacks, and we went back to the path. This time the four-wheel drive truck to the village Streams.

Hysterically roaring motor, not particularly equipped for the transport of persons workaholic-truck carrying his precious cargo on the beach. The body shook, shook, shook the passengers here and there… Well, how could we not remember the quiet splash of oars and a light breeze over your head! If you do not pay attention to some inconvenience of transportation, in General, Safari car was very impressive and entertaining. Machine tacked, trying to go around the clay areas and the valleys of the streams, with the move crossed small streams, and wide floods almost floated.

Village Streams is already a solid application for the center of local civilization. In addition to the airport, the village has a farm and factory for processing dairy products. A day of downtime waiting for the plane gave us some unforgettable encounters with the locals. The people here are helpful and very hospitable. We were immediately offered a bath, and absolutely free, and moreover good dinner.

The huge territory of the Arkhangelsk region is famous for its off-road. To a large extent this problem kompensiruet development of local airlines. From the height of bird flight, it is possible to look through the forest, which hosted our two-week alloy. The plane covered the distance in just over an hour.

The biplane landed at vaskovo airport, twelve kilometers from the city center of Arkhangelsk. A short promenade through the city — and we at the railway station, where we waited for a native speaker, but several half-forgotten second class Express trains.

What I think the sound of wheels? Probably about the tub with hot water, about meeting friends, that’s another page of life is closed and will never happen again. So well past, it is gone forever… And somewhere in the depth of drowsy consciousness arise the dreams of new trips, and it seems that the train takes you not into winter quarters, and in the other direction — towards the sun, in search of new adventures.


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