In the role of Sherlock assessed the probability of continuing the series


Benedict Cumberbatch doubt that “Sherlock” will be back on screens.

Recently in a network there was an interview with Martin Freeman, role of John Watson in the TV series “Sherlock”. The actor said he was not thrilled with the idea of continuing the series and said that it’s all too much – waiting fans, the pressure and tension, and he doubted that Sherlock would ever return.

I do not agree with the visions Watson Benedict Cumberbatch starring.

“I know it sounds pretty sad if the expectations of the fans is all you need. If they are, how not to want to do next? To be part of such a show is like being a mini-Beatles

So, some people’s expectations are not as great , but it’s not the sort of thing where you should enjoy,” said Benedict Cumberbatch in an interview.


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