In the river, the artist has turned the staircase into a work of art. Photo


At work, he spent a lot of time.

The inhabitants of the house № 18 along the street Berezinsky no longer in a bad mood. Because now in the morning for work and study they will get out of the bright decorated door. The main entrance was decorated with portrait painter, Paul Cooper, and vandalism of his art is not exactly call.

On the walls around the access door there was a picture of rustic floral gardens and scenic river, leaving the pine forest. And all this is the work of a 29-year-old artist.

The author of the picture said that he worked on it for almost a month. On his account — 3 decorated the entrance. Two of them — in the houses on the street Berezinsky, and one in the house where Paul lives. The artist said it’s been doing this for over two years. After he was decorated with its own entrance, the wizard noticed one of the tenants. He asked the artist to paint 6 glass showcases with replicas of paintings by famous Impressionists. Paul worked for 3 months. Only recently the paintings on the stained glass Windows washed.

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Fees for approach paintings, the artist does not hide — residents financial thank him. However, the materials need the money. But this is not the main source of income of Paul: “I am a professional portrait painter, earn it. Strive to develop your style for exhibitions, working on it. Painting of the hallways is as altruistic direction in my painting. It is important to me to give art to the masses, so it changed people. And developed, a little, culturally. Other artists or those who are learning to draw, be inspired — also want to create something of their own”,- said Paul Cooper.

Again the painting!)Share with you the painting on which I worked for almost a month!!! I wanted to picture out…

Gepostet von Pavel Bondar am Dienstag, 5. November 2019


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