In the resort you can rent the whole island


На известном курорте можно арендовать целый островOn a private island Villa.

For the expansion of tourism services will start construction of private villas on the Islands of Cosmoledo and Providence in the period up to 2023.

The authorities of the Seychelles offer tourists an unusual service – rent the entire island with a Villa.

Now the main part of the tourism infrastructure was located on the largest island of Mahe. Now the main focus will be on the development of tourism in the Islands of Cosmoledo and Providence.

Seychelles Islands, annually visited by over 200 thousand tourists. Often here come the newlyweds for a romantic getaway.

On the Islands you can be alone and enjoy nature: the picturesque coast of the Indian ocean with white sand. The Islands offer excursions, boat trips. One of the most popular excursions visit the natural reserve with rare species of birds and tropical plants – Valle-de-Me, belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site located on Praslin island. For a relaxing holiday on the island of La Digue has all the conditions for diving.


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