In the pyramid of the Aztecs found an ancient object


В пирамиде ацтеков нашли древний объектThe discovery was made during restoration works.

In Mexico, the staff of the National Institute of anthropology and history during the inspection of the damages in the temple era of the Aztec Teopanzolco caused by last year’s earthquake, has discovered more ancient structure.

As reported the discovery was made during restoration works. The pyramid of Teopanzolco was damaged by a powerful earthquake of 19 September 2017. It is located near the city of Cuernavaca, South of Mexico city.

It is believed that this temple is of the era of the Aztecs was built before the Spanish conquest — roughly between 1200 and 1521 years. However, the disaster has exposed the more ancient the object placed inside the pyramid.

Archaeologists believe that it was also a temple complex. It pre-dated 1150-1200 years, we have erected at least 50 years before the pyramids. However, ancient cultures often built one Church over another.

Scientists say that this is the rare and lucky occasion when the element is not destroyed, and helped to discover a previously unknown archaeological site.


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