In the Portuguese resort of scientists have caught the shark of the era of dinosaurs


На португальском курорте ученые выловили акулу времен эпохи динозавровOne of the Portuguese resorts, the researchers found the shark times the habitat of dinosaurs on Earth.

Experts from the Institute for the study of the sea in Portugal found off the coast of the tourist area of the Algarve, prehistoric shark, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference to Politekspert.

It is noted that this kind of fish lived in the ocean about 80 million years ago, when flora and fauna was completely different. However, the creature, affectionately called the “living fossil” that somehow managed to survive the other types, almost to evolve and stay alive. The reason could be its natural survival mechanism, because this fish is more like a snake and moves in the water column in a similar way. In addition, it is quite large, compared to the rest of the body, jaws studded with three hundred curved and sharp teeth.

The experts said they were extremely lucky to catch one of the individuals, as they are very poorly understood and most often they can be detected too great a depth.


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