In the Poltava region found Scythian gold and weapons


Valuable is the gold headdress of a teenage girl.

August 11, Poltava region excavations in the village of Bielsk found gold jewelry, weapons and other artifacts.

As reported by Deputy Chairman of regional state administration Mykola Bilokon, scientists under the guidance of Professor Irina Shramko found objects from the Scythian period, reported Poltava regional state administration, reports the online edition of the with reference to NV.

Valuable is the gold headdress of a teenage girl. He is intact and consists of three elements. Also in the headdress found the mirror and the pieces of jewelry.

The uniqueness of the findings is that this burial is not robbed, he did not have time to damage the “black archeologists”. Like say officials, is “one of the most significant finds of Europe.”

Additionally, in 2017, the archaeologists who worked in the Poltava region during the third archaeological field school during the first days of the expedition dug out sensational finds . They found Scythian gold, the unique surviving amphorae of the Scythian epoch, jewelry, arrowheads and even the ancient leather.


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