In the Pentagon believe that Russia is one of the main threats for Europe


В Пентагоне считают Россию одной из главных угроз для Европы

Russia’s efforts to destabilize Europe are one of the largest threats to European allies, as well as violent extremism.

This was stated during the hearings in the U.S. Senate, the commander of U.S. forces in Europe, army General Curtis Scaparrotti, reports the correspondent of UKRINFORM.

“The United States and NATO work together to confront major threats to European security, violent extremism and the efforts of Russia to destabilize the,” quoted a Pentagon General.

Scaparotti, made this statement during the hearings in Committee on Armed forces of the United States in the upper house of the us Congress.

“The United States along with NATO have made significant progress, but we have to do a lot of work in the framework of our national defence Strategy, deploying more efficient, flexible and sustainable the combined forces of long-term strategic confrontation with Russia, but also to combat violent extremist organizations”, — said the American commander.

Russia, he said, have introduced a campaign of destabilization, which changes the international order, destroys NATO and undermine U.S. leadership in the world. “To this end, Russia is developing asymmetric capabilities in accordance with his concept of warfare, which involves using the full range of military and non-military capacity,” the General said.

He stressed that the Russian side undertook a substantial modernization of its forces in each direction, which was not observed since the cold war. The United States responded to the threat by deploying rotational forces in Europe, including armoured brigade and the combat aviation brigade. In addition, we have implemented other measures, including the increased presence of the US Navy in the Black sea anti-submarine operations and strategic deterrence.



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