In the Park started a “witch’s hunt”


В Crossout стартовала «Ведьмина охота»The developers have added to Crossout the first card for the night battles “EX Sector”.

Once again approaching traditional not only in the US, Halloween, and the team with Targem Games Gaijin Entertainment invite you to celebrate it in a post-apocalyptic online action armored warfare.

From 19 October until 9 November, users will gain access to a special game mode and new map with night battles.

In a festive PvP “witch’s hunt” players We need to seize the garland of festive balls and hold it as long as possible. Is to RAM a rival car — and consider your Halloween balloons. In this case, note that at the start all participants receive the same bronekabel without any weapons, chainsaws or spiked bumpers, but with six rocket boosters. And Yes, the number of revivals in this mode is not limited.

In addition, the developers have added to Crossout the first card for the night battles “EX Sector”, where your main goal is base in the centre of the destroyed industrial workshop with shelters on two floors and lots of corridors. Battles on this map take place only in the dark, so do not forget about the fact that the distance of the review is limited.

Finally, from 19 October to 9 November for a win in all PvP modes Crossout and daily quests Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment promise to give away a special “dangerous sweets”. They can be either sold to other players on the market or use to get “Containers of horror”, which can appear unique decors for promemoria, paint, horns and avatar. All other details check the official site of the project.


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