In the Pacific, rescued two American women, drifting for 5 months


В Тихом океане спасли двух американок, дрейфовавших 5 месяцевTwo women and two dogs were swimming in the ocean for nearly six months.

There was a video of the rescue of two inhabitants of the American city of Honolulu and their two dogs, who were almost six months on the boat with a broken motor 900 miles from Japan. They were picked up by an American landing ship Ashland.

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Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuaba decided to go on an independent journey from Hawaii to Tahiti in may of this year. During a storm the yacht broke down engine, and a strong wind carried the ship into the open ocean. Numerous signal does not reach the shore, and there for a long time there were no courts.

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Only five months later, on the horizon a U.S. warship, whose crew came to the rescue. According to Appel and Foiba, from starvation they were saved by water makers, as well as large stocks of cereals and pasta.

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