In the occupied Crimea archaeologists have unearthed the oldest building


В оккупированном Крыму археологи раскопали древнейшее сооружениеRussian archaeologists found in the Crimea, the estate of the Roman Empire.

In the building and 15 km from Kerch lived members of the “middle class” of the Bosporus Empire.

“This manor is very indicative of the era, she well demonstrates the life of the middle bosfora. During the excavations we have not found any expensive imported items, no gold or silver coins or luxury goods, but was found on utensils, tools, cheap jewelry, figurines, including terracotta puppets with hanging arms and legs. They can be called “Hellenistic Barbie”; it was children’s toys”, – says Sergey Vnukov, the head of the expedition of Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

The estate appeared of I art of our era. Was located on the territory of the Kingdom of Bosporus, where lived the Greeks.

Residents of the estate had few slaves. On site found many fragments of pottery vessels Dating to the Roman period, numerous fragments of terracotta figurines, a bronze figure of a series of pendants, rings and other jewelry.


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