In the Novosibirsk region have spent on a stop half a million rubles


В Новосибирской области потратили на остановку полмиллиона рублей

In the city of Barabinsk of the Novosibirsk region has established a bus stop for half a million rubles. The cost of works officials reported on the official website. Local MP Konstantin Tereshchenko demanded that the audit chamber and the Prosecutor’s office to verify budget spending, reports the correspondent of Radio Liberty mark Podberezin.

“Prices for such buildings are in the range of 45 thousand rubles. Even when you consider the cost of dumping sites, installation of road signs and road markings, the price hardly will be 500 thousand rubles. Somehow, none of the Supervisory authorities and deputies of different levels this figure did not pay attention,” – said in an interview with Radio Liberty Tereshchenko.

The inhabitants of the outskirts of the city a few years asked local authorities to put a stopping complex. People were forced to go to the nearest stop a few kilometers on the highway. After collecting signatures, and collective letters, in the Baraba administration, urban service improvement installed a metal pavilion.

However, he stood for long: after 3 weeks, he was carried away by a strong wind. To return the design for half a million rubles for the place, workers took a few days.

Locals and visitors to the city stop has become popular. It has its own geotag in social networks, and people specially come here to be photographed.

In August in Tomsk, the mayor and the Chairman of the Council inaugurated volokolamke on the outskirts of the city. This is not the first case when the pump open small objects.



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