In the night of 4 December, the Ukrainians will be able to see Superlow


В ночь на 4 декабря украинцы смогут увидеть СуперлунуUnusual astronomical phenomenon called the Supermoon

Rare natural phenomenon in the night of 4 December will be able to observe scientists and Amateur astronomers, the Moon will approach Earth at the closest distance for the last 6 years.

This year passing the point of perigee of the lunar orbit coincides with the full moon, and the sight of a large and bright moon promises to be stunningly beautiful, informs

In the night of 4 December, the Moon will approach earth at a minimum distance for the first time in 6 years 362 thousand.

As explained by astronomers, the phenomenon of SUPERLINE is due to the fact that the full Moon, moving on an elliptical orbit, suitable as close to the Ground. Due to this phenomenon from the ground you can see the larger size of the lunar disk than usual. For an observer from the Earth does not need special gadgets, because all you can see neworiginal eye.

What is the Supermoon?

Unusual astronomical phenomenon called the Supermoon, or perigee moon.The orbit of the moon around the Earth in form is not a perfect circle, and a few stretches. This means that during a full rotation of the Moon manages to pass as the furthest and closest point to our planet. Technically, in the night from Sunday to Monday we will rate for the fourth Supermoon of the year — the only one that can see with their own eyes.

According to Earthsky, this day the moon will appear 30% brighter and 14% bigger than usual.

While scientists argue about the influence of the close passing of Earth’s natural satellite for geophysical processes, the Moon is inexorably approaching and promises to be an interesting phenomenon for all the earthlings who are lucky enough to see this spectacle.

Where to watch Superlow?

For the Supermoon can be observed on 3 December from 19:00 Kyiv time. Closer to eight o’clock in the evening of 3 December, the Moon will approach the minimum distance, and then will gradually be removed.

According to scientists the “peak” astronomical events will occur at 19:49. The supermoon will be visible until the morning of 4 December.

The people of Ukraine will be able to observe in the night sky the lunar disk, which will appear larger and brighter than usual.


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