In the Network of “leaked” images flexible smartphone Samsung


В Сеть "просочились" снимки гибкого смартфона SamsungRumors that the company is preparing to create a flexible smartphone circulating for quite some time.

But, it seems that Samsung is most closely managed approach to the practical realization of the device, which can be bent.

Back in April appeared information that the company is working on a project Valley, and now another leak shows a possible practical implementation. It is only illustration, not a prototype, but it looks the most realistic compared to other applications.

As you can see in the illustrations, it is not what many imagine talking about the “bendable smartphone“. Design rather continues the trends set clamshell form-factor.

From the classic clamshell phones future Samsung Galaxy X features only a large monolithic design and a screen that takes up both halves of the inner part of the apparatus.

No specifications, no mention of when and how this project can be implemented in the commercial model, no. All that is known is that the proportions of the screen 21 to 9, maybe it will appear as the Galaxy X and it is possible that the announcement will take place next year.

В Сеть "просочились" снимки гибкого смартфона Samsung
В Сеть "просочились" снимки гибкого смартфона Samsung


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