In the Network appeared the last work of Stephen Hawking


В Сети появилась последняя работа Стивена ХокингаGreat scientist in collaboration with colleagues from Britain for forty years worked on the theme of falling matter into a black hole.

In the Network appeared the last work of the greatest cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. The scientific article appeared on the server prepublicity Cornell University.

The work of the last 40 years of his life the scientist examines the behaviors of matter in black holes. Co-authors Hawking in this article were made by scientists from Cambridge and Harvard universities.

In the scientific article experts headed by Stephen Hawking was trying to understand the properties that may have individual items in contact with the singularity. The scientists also wanted to understand how is stored the information about the object caught in the black hole, and whether it can be restored.

The greatest physicist and cosmologist of our time, Stephen Hawking died at 77 year of life March 14, 2018. After the death of the scientist was sent into space the radio with the words of Hawking.


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