In the Network appeared the details of secret games Valve


В Сети появились подробности секретной игры ValveAt the moment the Valve is fully busy developing a card game Artifact.

In the network appeared the first pictures of the secret game of Valve, which does not belong to DOTA 2, nor to the future card adventure Artifact. It is a completely independent project from the renowned developers.

The game has no name, but it said the former Valve artist named drew wolf (Wolf Drew). According to him, he was working on a secret project in the genre of cooperative adventures. Four players choose their characters and go to pass the story. While the task drew was part of a plan to create as many diverse characters along with a description of their basic ideas.

Eventually the developers settled on ten major main characters, who had to go through all the plot mess. However, drew more on projects, not working and generally left Valve, becoming freelance artists on short-term contracts. However, the probability that the Valve hedgehog is involved in this game, and future players will see it.

At the moment the Valve is fully busy developing a card game Artifact, which takes place in the universe of Dota. At the moment about the game is unknown, but the announcement has caused quite a stir in the gaming community. Developers have blamed the cancellation of Half-Life 3 for the sake of the project’s development and promotion of Dota 2.


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