In the Network appeared new details of the continuing “Star wars”


New details sure to please fans of the Saga.

In the movie “Star wars: the Last Jedi” the story of the Supreme leader Snook will tell all the details.

Recall that in “the force Awakening” Snook (which using the technique of “motion capture” is played by Andy Serkis) appeared only in the form of holograms, monitoring the actions of Kyle Wren (Adam Driver) and General Gaks (domhnall Gleeson).

In “the Last Jedi”, in the words of the Director, the audience will see the main antagonist personally together with the elite soldiers of the Praetorian guard.

“This is not a Wikipedia page about Snook. This will be his full story, for example, in the original trilogy we knew nothing about the Emperor, moreover, knew about him Luke: he’s a bad guy behind Vader. Whereas in the prequel, we learned almost everything about Palpatine, because his coming to power was a full-fledged story. That’s about as much we learn about Snook. Andy Serkis will be this time much more. After all, this guy is just a force of nature, ” said Johnson.

He also added that when he was sitting behind the monitor and watched what produces Serkis, his eyes were as big as dinner plates “.

One of the key scenes of “the Last Jedi” should be a collision Snook and General Leia organa (Carrie Fisher). The first will pull Kyle Wren to the dark side, and the second in the light.

The movie “Star wars: the Last Jedi” will be released in Ukraine on 15 December 2017.


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