In the Netherlands judged the woman for the expulsion of the Jinn from son


В Нидерландах судили женщину за изгнание джиннов из сынаA woman accused of mistreatment of a child

25 January in the Dutch city of Roermond a meeting of the court, which considered the case of a resident of a country that tried to exorcise the Genie from his son. She was accused of mistreatment of a child.

To save nine-year-old son from evil spirits, the 39-year-old woman of Moroccan origin placed his hands in a hot oven. In addition, she stuffed the baby’s ears with cotton wool and damaged his hearing. By 2016, the boy lives in a foster home.

The woman’s lawyer stated that she could not be accused of abuse, as this act implies the deliberate infliction of harm. In this case it is not, because she thought that helps the child.

According to speakers before the court Professor of criminal philosophy of Jeroen ten Word (Jeroen ten Voorde), abuse is abuse, regardless of motives. “The expulsion of the Jinn with the help of violent actions that inflict pain or cause injury, may not be justified, he was quoted — A person engaged in the expulsion, you may think otherwise, but it doesn’t change anything”.

It is expected that the court will hear the testimony of the anthropologist, who will talk about the views of Muslims about the expulsion of the Jinn. According to the Association of mental health organizations in the Netherlands GGZ, from 60 to 80 percent of Muslims in the Netherlands believe that mental disorders are cause by evil spirits.


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